Advice on practical implementation of laws and regulationsDiverse branches

Quintens has a lot of practical knowledge about laws and regulations in the retail. Quintens makes this knowledge available to companies and also to umbrella organisations, when needed for the representation of their interest. This is done, among others, with relation to consultations with the government on adapting legislation, e.g. the Activities Regulation (Activiteitenregeling). Quintens also consults on matters related to the implementation of new rules. An example is the European Regulation on Explosives Precursors. Using its extensive practical knowledge, Quintens has been outlining the implications of such rules and regulations.

On its own initiative Quintens brings together various businesses to discuss many relevant topics and issues. In this way, Quintens contributes to the building of a common approach to CSR topics among the largest players on the DIY market, provided this does not interfere with the different companies’ competitive positions.


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