CLP now also in your online store

Is CLP a fast mover? No, not really. It is a legal obligation that does not add to an online store turnover. Briefly: If an article is a dangerous substance, its hazards need to be displayed on an online store. How can you do that ?!

The European CLP Regulation applies to all companies that trade in goods that are subjected to the rules. CLP is about classification into hazardous categories of hazardous substances, about labeling and packaging. Most of CLP is especially important for manufacturers and sellers of own brand items. They are also seen as producers.

CLP also provides rules for advertising. This part is relevant for online stores. If an online store offers hazardous products for sale, their hazards need to be shown when an actual purchase can be made. Practically, this means that an online store must show the hazards of any hazardous substance. Failure to comply can result in fines.

Quintens offers a perfect solution: the online store can call required information through an ISA API. If the online store is connected to ISA at least. ISA is a service with a subscription structure. Part of this is that ISA collects all safety data sheets as appropriate and makes them available to professional customers of webshops. In addition, ISA will provide an ADR data-set which is needed for your logistics.


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