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ISA information service for hazardous substances and construction products

Quintens develops and manages various services and products, such as the ISA information service. ISA is a unique platform in which article information from construction products and products with hazardous substances is collected, processed, validated and finally translated into comprehensible information. ISA ensures efficiency in the product chain by unlocking the data of 1.8 million articles from around 2,500 suppliers, for wholesalers and retailers. ISA is an indispensable tool, for visibly aligning the business processes of customers with laws and regulations.
Moreover, Quintens keeps an eye on relevant developments in legislation and regulations for its customers and proactively advises them so that they can respond to changing compliance requirements.

Energy & Behaviour

Quintens Advies has set up the 'Energy & Behavior' platform to inform interested organizations about the benefits and possibilities of energy-saving projects through behavioral change. The platform also serves as a gathering place for knowledge and experiences.