Effectiveness of the Energy Coaches programme in Rotterdam, the NetherlandsDCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond

How effective is the work of the so-called energy coaches? Quintens took on a large-scale project, as commissioned by the DCMR (the environmental protection agency of local and regional authorities in the Rijnmond region), putting 17,145 households with lower incomes under the microscope. We prepared an enormous dataset with energy consumption data and then converted it into an annual consumption data, alongside a statistics analysis.

The conclusion? An energy coach has its positive effect: savings of 2.7% in electricity and 8.2% in gas could be attributed to the advice of the energy coaches, leading up to a total energy saving of 5.65%. It also became clear that households in certain neighbourhoods make better use of the coach advice than others and there were clear differences in the results between the different areas.


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