Erik van Lidth de Jeude

Junior consultant

After finishing my bachelor in Environmental Sciences and master Water Science & Management, where i developed myself into a broadly educated academic, now the time has come to put that knowledge and skills into practice. I prefer to look at issues with a multi-disciplinairy view, wherein the use of both technical and socials aspects leads to powerful solutions. The Quintens ‘family’ gives me the space to develop myself further as an advisor with a wide range of challenging activities.

I stand for working with an open and enthiousiastic mindset, for a better environment!

I have been living in the lively city of Utrecht for quite some time, which is always fun. Furthermore, I like to do many sports, including running, mountain biking, tennis, squash and sailing. In addition, I have a love for music listening and making, reading, watching movies, (salsa and style) dancing and traveling.


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