Monitoring distilled beverage packaging for waste disposal tax purposesSpirits NL

Whoever brings packaging material to the market must contribute to the cost of its processing. Therefore, producers and importers of spirits must pay for any glass, paper and other materials used in the packaging that they place on the market. Determining how much (packaging) materials a company places on the market could be a challenging task and a big administrative burden.

To this end, the trade association of importers and producers of spirits, Spirits NL, for years now offers a simplified module for the disposal tax declaration of companies. To enable the operation and accurate functioning of this module, Quintens periodically updates and calculates the relevant key indicators and figures. These indicators are based on measuring the weight of packaging and examining certain proportions of volume/brand/weight of the packaging that is placed on the market. Based on a calculation model, Quintens provides Spirits NL with an estimate on the average packaging material/weight for every bottle size placed on the market. This in turn enables producers and importers to easily and accurately calculate their waste management contributions.


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