Pilot energiebesparing door gedragsverandering in IJsselmondeStedin

Quintens HAS drawn up a project plan and Carried out in collaboration with Woonbron, Stedin Meetbedrijf, Interior, DCMR and RVO.nl. The core of the approach was a pilot project on energy saving by behavioral change using a smart meter combined with a simple energy display, the “Power Player”. This energy display was inspired by an understanding for everyone dashboard of a car. Setup was not only the already interested precursors, but usefull the “average citizen” would go to work. The target group of people with less education and lower incomes are Explicitly Involved in the project.

Quintens HAS financing parties on the line and Recruited participants. After the pilot Quintens Carried out the evaluation and cared for the final report. The results are surprising, is an average of 5.6% saving on electricity and Reaches almost 7% by gas. It was striking was thatthere had a lasting effect and people continued to use the display to make sure theywere on the right track.


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