A selection from our projects

Monitoring packaging wine & distilled

KVNW, SpiritsNL

For more than 10 years we have been monitoring the Dutch wine and distilled packaging industry. We measure glass weights annually through field research. In our 3-year wide survey of all packaging, cardboard boxes, bag-in-box, pallet foil etc. are weighed and calculated. To arrive at the correct numbers, we use both simple field research and complex calculation models.

Effectiveness energy coaches in Rotterdam

DCMR milieudienst Rijnmond

How effective is the deployment of energy coaches? Quintens has examined a large-scale project (17,145 households with lower incomes in Rotterdam) for DCMR. To do this, we have cleaned up a large data set of energy consumption data, made it manageable, converted into annual consumption and performed statistical analyzes.
The conclusion? An energy coach has an effect: for electricity the saving is 2.7% and for gas 8.2% saving, which can be attributed to the visit of the energy coach. As a result, they have saved 5.65% in energy costs. Households in some neighborhoods also appeared to do more with the advice of the energy coaches than households in other neighborhoods: there were clear differences in the results between these neighborhoods.

doing work together

Consulting on hazardous substances and fire safety


Bauhaus is a player in the Dutch DIY market. The Bauhaus store formula is currently the largest DIY store in our country. This requires special attention to (fire) safety. Quintens helped to set up and use the first location in such a way that it meets the applicable fire safety requirements. Quintens, in collaboration with experts in the field of fire safety, has found pragmatic solutions for work processes and design. In addition, Quintens has provided the necessary information and training for staff in dealing with fire-sensitive and hazardous substances.

Advies op werkvloer bouwmarkt.jpg

Partnership smart meter and energy saving

Tenant associations Achterhoek, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)

Quintens has enthusiastically helped tenant associations in the Achterhoek to realize their ambitions in the field of energy saving and thus reduce the housing costs of tenants. We have brought the right parties together to make smart use of the introduction of the smart meter.


This energy saving can be achieved with an energy display that is connected to the smart meter. A pilot project, which we have done in Rotterdam, shows that with very limited investments it is possible to save on average 5-10% energy costs with a lasting character. is very enthusiastic about the initiative and has financially supported the process. Quintens has involved local and regional parties (municipality, corporations, province, network operator) in an action plan and has created administrative support for it. Quintens is now facilitating a communication pilot on the introduction of the smart meter in Amsterdam, together with the Amsterdam Housing Support Center.

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