Smart meter and energy saving partnershipsRijksdienst voor ondernemend Nederland

Quintens consulted enthusiastic and like-minded tenants associations in the Achterhoek area of the Netherlands in their efforts to save energy and lower housing costs of tenants. We brought the right parties together to make the best out of the Smart meters.

The energy saving can be achieved by using a display connected to the Smart meter. A pilot project that we carried out in Rotterdam has revealed that with a very limited investment it is possible to save an average of 5-10% in energy consumption on a permanent basis. is very enthusiastic about the initiative and has supported the project financially. Quintens has been providing administrative support throughout the process and has also reached out to local and regional parties (municipalities, corporations, provinces, network operators) for the preparation of an action plan. Quintens now facilitates a communication pilot project related to the introduction of Smart meters in Amsterdam, together with Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen (Amsterdam Centre for Housing) association.


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